Karl August
Karl August was born in Bo Parish, Orebro County, Narke Province, Sweden.  He registered to emigrate to the United States on 15 May 1888.  He arrived in Chicago, Illinois on 17 August 1888.  The name on His emigration document is Karl August Karlsson Nojd.  This website is about Karl August and his ancestry.  It is also about my trips to Sweden to meet cousins and to visit the place of his birth.
This picture was taken in 1894 in St. Ignace, Michigan.  Karl August attempted to use the  name of Nojd, as his last name, but no one could understand him and his last name became Nye.  He is usually referred to as Charles Nye.
In Karl August's family there were  10  brothers & sisters.  Two of the children died young. Of the remaining 8  siblings, 5 emigrated to the United States and 3 remained in Sweden.  Two of his siblings later returned to Sweden.
Anna was the oldest and she emigrated to New York City, New York on 7 August  1887 at the age of 25.  She married Franz Lindquist and had two children, but nothing further is known about her.
Seated is Johan Wilhelm "Bill" Nyman.  He  emigrated to Chicago, Illinois on 17 May 1893.  He returned to Sweden on 17 Dec 1930.    Standing is David Carlson.  He  emigrated to Chicago, Illinois on 13 June 1892 at the age of 17.  David was an engraver.  He was very talented, but got into trouble over forged documents.  David moved to Florida.  He was sentenced by the Florida Federal Courts to 6 years in prison for "passing forged U.S. obligations".  He went to prison on 9 Dec 1928 and died in prison on 28 Dec 1928.
Gustav Adolph.  He was always called Adel.
Seated is Karl August's mother, Gustava Olsdotter.  Hannah, in the middle, emigrated to Wisconsin on 7 Feb 1902.  It is not known exactly when she returned to Sweden, but she was back in Sweden by 31 Dec 1915.  To the right is Augusta.
We do not have any pictures of Victor or of the two siblings that died young.

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